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The Yoga Den is a small, friendly yoga studio and therapy space in the idyllic village of East Linton, in the heart of beautiful East Lothian.

We have a wide range of classes to suit all abilities and levels of experience.  You will be warmly welcomed here, just as you are.

Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming Events 

Day Retreat at The Harbour Chapel

Saturday, 11th May 

9:45am - 4pm

A full day retreat in a beautiful, historic location in Dunbar.

Yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound bath by Marcia, reiki, delicious plant-based lunch from Barbarella Beets, drinks & snacks all included.

Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

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Class terms generally run in line with the East Lothian school terms.  We often take breaks over the school holiday periods.  Over the summer break, a reduced class schedule operates.

To access the Bookwhen site directly click here

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6 Week Online Course

With Caroline Foster

Starting Monday, April 15th

Learn to work with, and move past your pain. We will learn about the latest pain science and practice simple, seated movement, learn gentle breathing techniques, cultivate mindfulness and finish with a guided relaxation.


Hi, I'm Caroline.  I am passionate about the healing power of yoga.  I bring together 20 years experience as a chartered physiotherapist, many years of personal yoga practice & teaching, breath assessment & therapy, massage & reiki, to provide a truly holistic approach to students and clients.   Together with all of the teachers and therapists at The Yoga Den, we strive to guide and empower you to take control of your own health & wellbeing.

The Yoga Den, in the idyllic village of East Linton, in beautiful East Lothian, Scotland is now open for group yoga classes, events, workshops, retreats and private therapy appointments.



Yoga is a powerful tool for healing.  It is a whole system for living, and there is a depth and complexity to it that could be explored for a lifetime.

However, yoga is also very simple: 

We move.

We feel our bodies.

We learn to control our breath.

We observe ourselves from within. 

In doing these simple actions, we become more aware of what is going on inside us.  We get to know ourselves better.  We get to know our bodies, our minds, our hearts; we get to know who we really are.  And then we can begin to accept ourselves, just as we are.  And here is where the process of transformation begins.

I practice and teach with this simplicity as a guide.

Yoga teaching can be full of flowery language and fancy metaphors.  But I like to keep things plain & simple and down to earth.  Accessible for all, especially for those who are new to yoga.  My classes are friendly, light-hearted and inclusive.

I teach from my heart.  I am passionate about yoga, about helping people to help themselves & about helping people to feel in control of their own health and well-being.  I believe that this passion shines through in my teaching.

All of the teachers and therapists at The Yoga Den are aligned to this ethos, and you will find everyone friendly and welcoming.  We are all passionate about what we do - helping others to become their own healers.



There are a range of levels and styles of yoga available at The Yoga Den,  from slow, gentle and resorative, to dynamic and physically challenging.  Currently we have ashtanga, yin, kundalini, hatha, chair-based, relaxation and men's yoga.  There are also dedicated beginners classes and courses which run throughout the year.  Online classes are also streamed live on the Facebook group - The Yoga Den Online.

There are regular events to help you deepen into specific aspects of practice, such as mini-retreats and workshops.


Physiotherapy uses movement to treat dysfunction in the body.  It can be useful to address a wide range of issues, such as acute injuries, chronic (longstanding) pain conditions, reduced mobility & balance issues in older people as well as neurological & respiratory conditions. 


Massage works on the muscular, fascial, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems in the body to reduce pain, promote tissue healing and induce relaxation of body and mind.  I work intuitively to give each client what is needed, whether a deep tissue 'sports massage' style of treatment, or more holistic 'relaxation' massage, or often a mixture of both.

1-2-1 YOGA

Private yoga session can be hugely beneficial.  Whether you are a complete beginner looking to build your confidence prior to joining a 'regular class', or you are a seasoned practitioner that is looking to progress your practice or be guided towards more challenging postures. You may have a specific issue or injury and are looking to yoga to address it, or maybe you are looking to develop a home yoga practice and need help to establish a tailored sequence that is perfect for you.


Reiki is a subtle yet powerful therapy that harnesses universal life-force energy to enhance health and well-being.  Reiki can be used to address almost any area of difficulty in your life, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or even practical.  A reiki treatment normally involves lying down while remaining fully clothed, and although everyone experiences the reiki energy differently, it is common to feel deeply relaxed during session.  Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to other treatments such as massage to deepen the healing effects.


Sometimes people come to see me, and they are not quite sure what they want or what they need.  We are not just physical bodies, and neither are we just minds and hearts.  We are whole, integrated beings - everything is connected.  I offer a truly holistic approach to treatment.  I am able to offer a range of different treatment approaches and we can blend and tailor them to your specific needs.  We can draw upon all of the treatments listed here, as well as specific breath-work, meditation and relaxation techniques.


Acupuncture is offered by fully qualified TCM acpuncturist Laura Robertson of Fusion Acupuncture.  Acupuncture works by directing the flow of Qi (life-force energy) in the body to restore optimal physical and emotional wellbeing.  It can help with many conditions, from anxiety and depression,  to fertility, menstrual and menopause symotms, to headaches and muscular pains.


Breath is life-force itself.  To breathe well is to harness that vital energy, which is available to all of us.  A detailed breath assessment and individualised therapy plan can help with anxiety, pain, digestive issues, respiratory conditions, insomnia, menopausal symptoms and fatigue to name just a few.


This video was shot in 2017, before The Yoga Den came into being.  It was filmed in the beautiful Spott Village Hall.  I was 8 weeks pregnant with the twins here - no wonder I look a bit tired!




Livestreamed online classes have been ongoing since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Several live classes per week and over 2000 previous classes and sessions are available on the private Facebook group: 'The Yoga Den Online'.  Access to this group is by monthly subscription payment of £30 per month (£20 low income option).

Please get in touch if you would like to join in with our online community.


More recently, I have started a YouTube channel:  Yoga and Physiotherapy with Caroline at The Yoga Den.

Here is a small but growing library of videos of classes/sessions for all levels and some physio advice which I hope that you will find useful.

Subscribe to the channel to be notified of new offerings and please share with anyone who you feel may benefit from this free resource.

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The Yoga Den, The Mart, Haddington Road, East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland, EH40 3DN


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