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Warrior Two


Caroline is  fantastic yoga teacher.  Her honest and down-to-earth style, her deep understanding of the practice, and how she passes on little pearls of kindness and wisdom make her a pure treasure.


Having virtually attended Caroline's brilliant online yoga classes during lockdown, I was reminded that she is also a registered physiotherapist.  When I hurt my back recently she gave me a thorough and helpful couple of sessions to assess and treat the problem.
Caroline is so much more than the sum of her many talented parts (yoga teacher, physio, massage therapist, all round lovely person) and I think it's this holistic approach to treatment that really makes her an absolute gem.  I feel lucky that she is here on our doorstep and couldn't recommend her highly enough.


As a bit of a newbie to yoga, I joined the beginners class with Caroline.  It's been a fantastic introduction to yoga and I'm thoroughly enjoying learning all the techniques.  Caroline is a wonderful teacher and such a caring soul.  I had first got to know Caroline through her physio service, as I suffered with back pain.  She was fantastic and really helped me help myself with tips on what to do to keep everything moving.  I've even managed to get my hubby to join the men's yoga class.  Couldn't recommend highly enough.


What a great yoga teacher you are Caroline!  You really know your stuff, you are great at individual attention, and happy to get your feet muddy for the love of yoga and for the community's sake - love it!  So much passion, strength & flexibility in body & mind, just beautiful!  Thank you for the session in the woods!


As an avid yogi of over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting a warm and genuine soul, as well as an excellent teacher.
Caroline is patient, quietly encouraging and very nurturing in all her classes.
Of late, I have particularly enjoyed the Full Primary Series classes, and have thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community.
Caroline offers amazing online classes for all levels and different durations - something for everyone!
As a physio, Caroline really helped me with some issues of late, again providing her calm, professional and nurturing attitude to encourage me and build confidence once more in my practice.  Thanks Caroline - you are a diamond!


Friendly and relaxed atmosphere which allows you to focus and enjoy the experience of yoga.  Even with just being a beginner, I can feel the difference in my body and mind.  I always leave feeling refreshed; happy and emotional in such a nice way.  I would recommend classes with Caroline to anyone interested in experiencing yoga.


I would highly recommend Caroline's classes, she teaches you more about yoga than just the pose itself.  Since starting Caroline's classes she has massively helped improve my confidence in what I can achieve in yoga- I've started to work on poses that I never dreamed I would get.  Thank you for being an amazing yoga teacher!


Caroline offers a diverse range of classes.  East Lothian is very lucky to have such an experienced ans knowledgeable teacher.  We all feel supported and safe exploring yoga, whether beginner or intermediate, in Caroline's hands.


Excellent beginners class.  Caroline explains yoga postures so well and creates a real positive energy in her classes.  The relaxation at the end of each class is wonderful.  Highly recommended.


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